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Open Pit Mine Scheduling

Minor adjustments to a mine plan’s schedule can have a major impact on Net Present Value (NPV)



Open Pit Scheduler

Optimizing mines extend beyond calculating the mine planning project's net present value to all of the facets that build up to it and beyond. Opencontour allows users to tailor their own set of personalized calculations that best fit the needs of their unique project ambitions by utilizing the integrated Mine Schedule Module.



Adaptable solutions

Our Mine Scheduler solution is designed for mid and long-range scheduling. With our flexible tools, users can access pre-populated industry-standard reports and input data manually using scripts or by editing charts & graphs through Plotly (3rd Party API).

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With our Open Pit Scheduler Solution, you can easily do


Integrated Mine Design Functionality

Opencontour believes that the mine scheduling process is an integral part of the mine design process and should be completed in the same software as the mine design.


Viable Workflows

Minor adjustments to a mine plan's schedule can have a significant impact on Net Present Value (NPV). The scheduler program offers strategic mine planning that calculates the most productive and financially viable workflows.


Financial Reporting

Opencontour mining software provides detailed financial data and cash flow analysis for past, present, and future planning. Efficient mine valuation tools bring impactful perceptions into your projects cost-effectively. This applies to open pit bench design, equipment, and process schedules. Detailed metallurgical accounting reports by period enable informed decision-making.

Key Features


Boost Your Mine Design


Quick Analysis

Receive an instant evaluation of the designed schedule by using the prebuilt charts within the Mine Schedule Module.


Mine Schedule & Fleet Management

Utilize our streamlined Schedule Module to plan for both mined and processed material. Choose your mine schedule, period constraints, tonnage, and truck hours. Also compatible with plant and pond features. Equipment and fleet designation can be assigned for each phase. Reporting and analysis is available for the fleet time model.



Scripts are used to edit/add data to the mine plan at the block model level, plans can be simple or complex based on the number of added properties, scripts define financial analysis parameters, scripts can be easily edited providing iterations on your mine plan.


Charting & Reporting

Choose between creating your custom chart or utilizing the pre-built charts available within the software (Financial Charts, Grade Tonnage Curve, etc.) DXF/CSV data export, map export in scaled PDF format. Financial templates can also be imported and exported between different projects with ease.


Our goal is to shape the future of mining by creating innovative, flexible tools.

Our team at Opencontour prides itself on producing quick and effective results, which is why we would like all potential clients to experience our product firsthand. Please send us an inquiry about what software solutions you are interested in so we can walk you through our unique features step-by-step.



Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please get in touch with our friendly team.

  • How do I get started?
    Our team is here to help you. We consider each project and its needs when supporting our clients. Once we receive your initial request, we will schedule an initial call to identify which software solution is right for you and your team. Please send your questions to email:
  • Are there any considerations I should be aware of before opening an account with Opencontour?
    We recognize that not all mining projects are the same. Before signing up, our team will discuss data quality, team skillset, time frames, training and development, and metallurgical support.
  • What input/output data formats does Opencontour support?
    Opencontour supports DXF, CSV, and .json files.
  • How secure is my data on the Opencontour platform?
    Our SaaS Software was designed so that all data is stored locally on your browser software (Chrome, etc..). This means that only you own and control the data without security risk. Our servers do not store any of your data.
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