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HLP Stacking as part of the Mine Plan

Forte Analytical recently posted a animated model of the Opencontour stacking module in LinkedIn. This post was the inspiration for this blog. - Russ Downer, Opencontour

Opencontour is somewhat unique to other software programs in the mining industry in that it ties heap leaching into the overall mine plan. This includes a module to develop heap leach pad stacking configurations and track the performance of each stacking block. HLP blocks (zones) include detailed metallurgical data which is tracked for recovery performance over time. Opencontour's stacking program combines historical data with the mine plan so that past stacking and future stacking plans can be generated on the fly.

The HLP stacking module also uses polygons to specify irrigation start and end dates, and mine plans are synchronized with the heap leach pad shape so that any changes in the mine plan reflect changes in HLP stacking model.

Below is a bit more information about Opencontour and the heap leach pad stacking module.

CAD based tools

  • Import Survey data – DXF format from any survey / mine planning software

  • Design your leach lifts – specify stack direction and/or constrain ore types

Designed lifts can have varying lift heights and geometry

Discretize your Leach lifts – use a designed grid pattern built within the software

Link Mine Plan to Leach Plan

  • Import your mineplan data (stack date, ore type, metal grades, and metallurgical properties)

  • Link your mineplan data with each leach block

  • Automatically populate important leach information to each block:

    • Vertical distance above liner

    • Potential leach solution cycle days

Leach blocks showing leach block information

  • Add polygons that represent leach solution on/off dates - can be included in your leach model

Use polygons to define solution on/off time dates

  • View your leach stacking plan as a 3D animation or create period contour maps and export in a CAD format

  • Use Opencontour’s scripting , charting, and reporting tools to edit / view your leach data.

  • Export leach block data to you leach modeling tool or use our integrated ForteDynamics/Opencontour leach modeling software for a full metallurgical accounting model

  • Investigate different scenarios with variations in your mineplan or stacking plan so that metal production is optimized

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