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Exciting News! New Client Testimonial Highlights Opencontour's Impact on Mine Planning

We are excited to share that we have recently received a new testimonial from one of our clients. The feedback we received was extremely positive and our team is proud to have provided such a great experience. We look forward to continuing to exceed expectations and sharing more updates and testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Testimonial image featuring the Opencontour logo and five gold stars. The testimonial from Sky Dragoo, Dakota Gold
Dakota Gold Logo

First Impressions and Overall Capabilities

They found the user-friendly interface easy to navigate and were impressed by the software's ability to integrate various aspects of mine planning and scheduling into a single, cohesive tool. This integration is a significant advantage, especially for those accustomed to juggling multiple specialized programs.

Top Features


The client highlighted several standout features that have made a positive impact on their workflow:

Illustration of the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Z" with a green background

Hot Keys:

The hotkeys setup is particularly beneficial for those who frequently use design software. It allows for quick edits and additions to models, enhancing efficiency.

Opencontour cutter tool icon, featuring white scissors on a green background.

Cutter Feature:

The cutter feature simplifies the task of cutting pits to the topography, streamlining what was once a tedious process. This tool saves significant time and effort in creating and integrating design elements.

Line chart with two lines, one orange and one green, over a dark green background.

Charting and Reporting:

Effective communication is crucial in mine planning and scheduling. Our software's robust charting and reporting capabilities make it easy to generate and customize charts, facilitating clear and concise communication of plans to teams and decision- makers.

Impact on Workflow and Productivity


Although still in the early stages of using Opencontour, the client anticipates a substantial positive impact on their workflow. The software's ability to consolidate multiple functions into one platform promises to reduce the complexity and tedium associated with using separate programs for different tasks. This streamlined approach is expected to enhance overall productivity and simplify the mine planning process.


Our client's feedback reinforces what we hear from many of our users: Opencontour is not only user-friendly but also comprehensive in its capabilities. By integrating essential features for mine planning and scheduling into a single platform, we aim to streamline workflows and boost productivity across the mining industry. We are committed to continuous improvement and welcome feedback to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

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