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Our Solutions
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Mining companies use Opencontour to develop and optimize the design of their mines with its customizable and flexible features.

Built for large data sets &

We use GPU technology in our leach recovery modeling to incorporate, and increase our computational capability. Processes that could take hours to set-up and run can now be accelerated and delivered in minutes.

Web-Based architecture, accesible everywhere

Our SaaS Software was designed so all data can be stored locally. This means that, other than your project settings, you own and control the data.

The learning curve shouldn’t be steep!

In a sector facing a talent and skills shortage, learning how to use Software shouldn't be a barrier to overcome.

Clear and simple pricing.

No hidden fees. Choose the solution that is right for you. We understand that not every mine site or project are the same. Our team will be there to make sure our solutions are right for you.

A simplified approach to strategic mining

Through Opencontour, mining companies can solve complex problems and evaluate the cost-benefits of alternative mine designs and schedules to help them make more informed decisions.

Our Solutions


With Opencontour, engineers are able to quickly import base surface contours and block models to rapidly generate graphical representations of pits. This makes planning and reviewing mid bench contours, Geotech inter-ramp angles, and other ramp and cut requirements a straightforward process.


To maximize metal recovery and reduce solution waste, a software algorithm determines where it is most optimal to leach based on metrics (such as solution-to-ore ratio). Using this information, mine operators can determine loading scenarios that will improve leaching performance across the pad.


Our Mine Scheduler solution is designed for mid and long-range scheduling. In addition to accessing pre-populated reports, users have the option to input data manually via scripts or by editing charts and graphs.


In our quest to support new technologies that look at lowering the environmental footprint created by traditional mining methods, Opencontour developed a Vertical Extraction Mining Software Solution.


The Heap Leach Stacking solution can be configured for monthly, quarterly, yearly, or as a user-defined period. By discretizing blocks and identifying where and when the ore was placed, we provide detailed metallurgical accounting data.

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Mine planning Software for open pit and heap leach mining.

Opencontour is an intuitive application software that helps mining companies develop and optimize the design of their mines.

We are mining engineers who understand the challenges miners face every day. Opencontour helps take the guesswork out of your planning decisions. We created Opencontour from our own experiences with mining software programs that didn't meet our expectations. As a result, Opencontour helps ease the burden of difficult mine planning decisions by measuring cost-benefit scenarios for alternate mine designs and schedules.



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Our Opencontour Heap Leach Recovery Model has been applied to 15+ heap leach operations
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Innovations from companies such as Opencontour continue to revolutionize how mining is conducted. Their expertise and advanced approach to mining practices will only benefit the GMG community moving forward.

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Meet the Team

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