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Mine Scheduling Solution

Opencontour's scheduling module integrates three fundamental aspects of an efficient mine planning process such as simplicity in the initial setup, speed in the development of mining plans, and immediacy for the cash flow analysis of the options run. These features help mine planners to perform many mining alternatives efficiently and close the virtuous circle with the review of the results in economic terms. In addition, preset graphs (standard in mining operations) and 3D animation of the mining progress help planners readjust parameters according to the criteria to obtain a consistent mining plan.

The module's intuitive interface and user-friendly design ensure a straightforward initial setup, allowing planners to quickly configure parameters and inputs. This simplicity streamlines the planning process, saving valuable time and resources.

To enhance the planning experience, Opencontour includes preset graphs commonly used in mining operations, aiding planners in visualizing key data and trends. Additionally, the module offers 3D animations that showcase the mining progress, allowing planners to assess and readjust parameters based on specific criteria, ultimately achieving a consistent and optimized mining plan.

By leveraging Opencontour's scheduling module, mine planners can efficiently explore options, assess their economic implications, and iterate on their plans to achieve optimal results. This streamlined approach closes the virtuous circle of mine planning, enabling continuous improvement and maximizing the project's profitability.

Mine Scheduling based on Truck Hours

This functionality enables mining plans to be optimized by considering hauling hours, both fixed and variable, over a given period. With this option, users have complete control over their fleet, resulting in a smooth curve representing the mining truck requirements.

The benefits of this feature are numerous. It allows users to easily assess the impact of increasing or decreasing the truck fleet during specific periods, facilitating efficient resource allocation. Configuring the roads per phase, mining equipment (shovel and trucks), and different destinations (mill, leach pad, stockpiles, and waste dumps) is a simple and fast process.

By leveraging the power of our mine scheduling tool and utilizing the "Truck Hours" option, mining operations can achieve optimized resource utilization, improved planning accuracy, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Mine Scheduling based on Tonnage

This functionality empowers mining engineers to create robust mining plans that align with specific tonnage targets across different periods and phases of the operation.

With Opencontour's user-friendly interface, configuring the mine planning and mine scheduling module is a seamless and time-efficient process. Engineers can easily define the optimal road networks for each phase, select the appropriate mining equipment such as shovels and trucks, and specify various destinations for the extracted material, including the mill, leach pad, stockpiles, and waste dumps.

By leveraging the mine scheduling module, engineers can ensure that mining operations are precisely tailored to meet production goals while optimizing the utilization of available resources.

Opencontour's advanced algorithms and analytics provide valuable insights to facilitate informed decision-making, resulting in improved operational efficiency and increased profitability for mining projects.

.Join us on our YouTube video channel to learn more about how this feature can benefit your mining operations.

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