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Forte Dynamics is an engineering, systems design, and metallurgical consulting company with decades of experience in open pit and heap leach facility operations that improve efficiencies and maximize mining performance.

Forte's proven mine optimization model streamline pit efficiencies and maximize heap leaching performance. Our services include reagent consumption, metallurgy, kinetics, and hydrodynamics coupled with civil, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering to help solve mining problems.

  • Integrated heap leach and process design

  • Process optimization for existing leach facilities and expansions

  • Trade-off studies, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis

  • Financial modeling integrated with heap leach pad/process models

  • Thermal, chemical balance, and site-wide water balance modeling 

  • HLP, mine process plant, and ancillary facilities design and CQA

Mine-to-heap ENGINEERING

Ore grades of major deposits around the world have decreased, yet production has increased. Heap leach operations are becoming more prevalent due to lower operational costs and potential for profit. 

To make open pit mine and heap leach operations successful, it's crucial to implement optimal processes from mine-to-heap. Forte Dynamics, along with Forte Analytical and Opencontour, provide the integrated services needed to produce the best results.

Complete mine-to-heap systems optimization services include:


Blasting Fragmentation: particle size distribution (PSD), heap leaching hydrodynamics and metallurgical analysis


ComminutionROM and ore crushing influence on Capex, Opex and recoveries


Metallurgy: understanding ore by rock type and alteration to forecast metals recovery


Dissolution/Diffusion Kinetics: Scientific examination that eliminates reliance on rule-of-thumb approaches


Heap Leach Modeling: dissolution and diffusion models that evaluate recovery performance by discretized stacking blocks (cells) to determine optimal leach rates, leach durations, stack heights, and other heap leach pad variables


Financial Analysis: NPV, IRR, and other financial assessments that project financial performance and metal extraction

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Forte Dynamics develops dynamic heap leach models to capture the hydrodynamics and kinetics of the stacked ore as a function of time and performs this analysis in conjunction with the mine optimization studies to maximize Mine-to-Heap performance.

Metallurgical and Geochemistry Planning and Testing

Heap Leach Simulations & Optimization

Water Balance Modeling

Complete Mine-to-Heap Optimization

Heap Leach Stacking

Haulage Simulation Studies

Permitting Support

Infrastructure Design

Capital and Operating Cost Estimating

Financial Modeling

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