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Opencontour mining software streamlines mine operations and assists site managers with the decision making process for mine design, workflow schedules and heap leach facility production. Opencontour helps interpret and compare the cost-benefits of mine plan options and compare them to alternatives. This helps mine planners make informed decisions that benefit workflows throughout the entire mine site. The Opencontour platform consists of four modules - each of which has a centralized focus - yet support plans from the pit to the heap leach pad. Modules are designed for open pit design, mine schedulingheap leach pad stacking and heap leach pad recovery.  

Opencontour Modules

3D image open pit mine design opencontou

Mine Design (Core)

Full CAD Functionality

Pit/Dump/Leach Pad Design

Scripting, Charting, Reporting

3D Viewing

Economics, Financials

Road Network

Fleet Management



Mine Plan Input

Leach Pad Design

Leach Grid Discretization

Mine Plan to Leach Optimization

Recovery Optimization

Heap Leach Pad Models

Leaching - Continuous Improvement

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Open Pit Bench Design Model

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