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Opencontour Uses GPU–Accelerated 3D Animation to Visualize Mine and Stacking Plans

Updated: Mar 3

Russ Downer, Opencontour, Founder

For Mine Planning and, in particular, leach pad stacking, visual tools allow planners to visualize mining and material stacking. Opencontour uses its geometry features to create functional 3D visualization.

Opencontour uses the latest Three.js Javascript library to create 3D animation as part of its website toolset. Using its graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated 3D animation tools, Opencontour

produces complex 3D computer animations displayed in the browser without the effort required for a traditional standalone application or a plugin.

The Dataset display will show the shapes of the material cut and filled as time progresses. The Mineplan can show the same shapes but with properties built into the layer, such as time mined/stacked, block grade, classification, and many more with a color selection display.

Because all ‘Browsers’ such as Chrome support these website toolsets, Opencontour can send the dataset file so that users can simply drag this file into their browser. Users will have full functionality within the browser without application or plugin installation.

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