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Open Pit Mine Scheduler


Minor adjustments to a mine plan's schedule can have a major impacts on Net Present Value (NPV). The scheduler program offers strategic mine planning that calculates the most productive and financially viable workflows.

The site schedule is an important mine planning function. Opencontour believes this process should be completed in the same software as the mine design process. Mine scheduling should also be completed for each imported block model dataset. This allows for better ore tracking and reconciliation.

scheduler module

  • Quick analysis on mine physicals and costing for design and scheduling options

  • Choose the best mine schedule period constraint - tonnage or truck hour

  • Haul road mine site network analysis

  • Material types for ore and designated stockpiles

  • Mine schedule and analysis completed at the block model level so that information is not lost

  • Equipment and fleet designation for each scheduled mine phase

  • Fleet time model analysis and reporting

  • Period progress maps of mine phases, dumps and heap leach pads to assist in understanding of evolving access options

  • Analysis of technical and economic opportunities and project planning scenarios that reduce capital costs and improve mine project economics

  • Impactful insights and options for mine site plan optimization

  • Comprehensive scenario analysis for continuous mine schedule improvements

Financial Reporting

Opencontour mining software provides detailed financial data and cash flow analysis for past, present and future planning. Efficient mine valuation tools bring impactful perceptions into our client’s projects in a cost-effective manner. This applies to open pit bench design and equipment and process schedules. Detailed metallurgical accounting reports by period enable informed decision-making.

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Mine Cashflow by Mining phase report

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