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Forte Analytical is an advanced metallurgical research and testing laboratory located near Denver, Colorado offering high-quality and reliable metallurgical testing and analysis. Our services include feasibility studies, flowsheet design, metallurgy analysis, modeling and engineering to support and enhance mineral recovery.

Forte Analytical provides dependable testing for mining and heap leach operations (gold, silver, copper). Our metallurgical team is experienced in cyanide treatment, geological characterization, elemental deconstruction, diffusion analysis (VAT leach), and crush size optimization. We provide the blueprints necessary to forecast metal recoveries and generate optimal extraction scenarios.

Metallurgical Testing

  • Head assay 

  • Elemental analysis 

  • Total & organic carbon, total & sulfide sulfur speciation

  • Sample preparation & particle size distribution (PSD)

  • Heap & mill amenability 

- bottle roll 

- column leach (including large diameter)

  • Diffusion analysis (VAT leach)

  • Compacted permeability (including large diameter)

  • Fire assay services


  • Metallurgical flow sheet design

  • Heap leach design parameters

-Lift height

-Application rate

-Optimal crush size


  • Crush size to NPV optimization analysis

  • On-site and off-site lab auditing & training

Metallurgical Research & Testing

Forte Analytics research laboratory testing capabilities extend standard metallurgical flowsheet design testing with our more uniquely modified testing to identify optimal operational parameters such as crush size, leach cycles, or irrigation rates based on your operation’s identified geological composition. 

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