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Heap Leach Stacking

HEAP LEACH Pad Stacking

HLP Stacking module

The heap leach pad stacking module in Opencontour was built to provide the ability to easily create both short-range and long-range stacking plans with the capability to register detailed metallurgical records for ore placement.

The inclusion of heap leaching into the mine plan is paramount to overall mine profitability. Opencontour mining software offers tools for heap leach stacking, lift height design, and metallurgy analysis to provide a continuous improvement model to maximize metal recoveries.

Heap leach stacking by phase Opencontour mining software

Heap leach pad stacking is combined with the mine plan to better optimize pad operations by looking at variable mining periods; monthly, quarterly, yearly or as user defined. Opencontour’s discretized HLP stacking module provides detailed metallurgical accounting that shows where ore was placed and how long various areas of the pad were leached. This supports mining operations with tracking and predictions for heap leach pad performance as it is developed.

Mine software 3D heap leach pad model

METAL Extraction and recovery

By tracking ore grades, recovery potential and location where ore is stacked on the HLP; performance can be evaluated by discretized zones. High performing or underperforming HLP zones can then be identified and adjustments made to leaching variables to improve metal recovery.

Reports outline metallurgy, lithology and ore grades for each block in the heap leach pad. Dividing the heap leach pad into smaller zones (blocks) helps provide awareness into ore performance and metal extraction for each area of the HLP.


The heap leach utility can also be used to track and plan leaching operations through time. Users have the ability to enter primary and secondary leach cycle dates and durations into Opencontour to track irrigation levels throughout the heap leach pad. This can be done by drawing polygons around the various irrigation areas in the model and applying the dates and levels of irrigation. This allows users to track and monitor the entire HLP for metal extraction rates and leaching performance.

Heap Leach Pad Fraction Extraction Gold Crush Size Mining Report