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Vertical Extraction Mining

In our quest to support new technologies that look at lowering the environmental footprint created by traditional mining methods, Opencontour developed a Vertical Extraction Mining Software Solution.


Vertical Extraction Mining

Projects involving narrow vein deposits can often be set aside or ignored due to the high capital expenditure and low yields. Mine engineers need the ability to evaluate vertical extraction mining as an alternative.  These methods may include borehole drilling or diaphragm wall cutters.

Opencontour’s Vertical Extraction Module provides an all encompassing solution for evaluating a project from start to finish.  Our solution includes block model functionality, extraction shape design, extraction depth economic optimization, extraction scheduling, capital, and cashflow reporting.

The solution focuses on efficient scenario analysis.  Functionality is also focused on reporting and 3D visualization.

We invite you to be one step ahead, make strategic decisions after evaluating multiple scenarios.


Adaptable solutions

The solution focuses on efficient scenario analysis.  Functionality is also focused on reporting and 3D visualization.

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With our Vertical Extraction Mining Solution, you can easily do


Shape Design

Geometries of circular or rectangular shapes are possible with our Vertical Extraction Mining Software.


3D Visualization

A 3D visualization and reporting feature is also included in the functionality.


Block Model Functionality

In addition, to block model functionality, our Vertical Extraction Mining Software includes extraction shape design, extraction depth economic optimization, extraction scheduling, capital, and cashflow reporting.

Key Features

Efficient Scenario Analysis

CAD Tools

Use our CAD tools to design vertical holes efficiently.

Vertical Shape Design

Minimize hydraulic Shapes can include circular or rectangular geometries. The functionality of our software also allows the creation of multiple holes in a set pattern (square or staggered).

Block Model Functionality

We offer a block model functionality that allows users to view the model against a design.

Vertical Extraction Optimizer

Our optimizer adjusts hole depth for each hole within a pattern to optimize value and ore Cut-off grade.


Our goal is to shape the future of mining by creating innovative, flexible tools.

Our software simplifies the design, maintenance, and forecasting process by simplifying heap leach stacking, recovery, and solution modeling.


Preguntas frecuentes

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el producto. ¿No encuentras la respuesta que buscas? Por favorPonerse en contactocon nuestro amable equipo.

  • How do I get started?
    Our team is here to help you. We consider each project and its needs when supporting our clients. Once we receive your initial request, we will schedule an initial call to identify which software solution is right for you and your team. Please send your questions to email:
  • Are there any considerations I should be aware of before opening an account with Opencontour?
    We recognize that not all mining projects are the same. Before signing up, our team will discuss data quality, team skillset, time frames, training and development, and metallurgical support.
  • What input/output data formats does Opencontour support?
    Opencontour supports DXF, CSV, and .json files.
  • How secure is my data on the Opencontour platform?
    Our SaaS Software was designed so that all data is stored locally on your browser software (Chrome, etc..). This means that only you own and control the data without security risk. Our servers do not store any of your data.
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