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Heap Leach Recovery Model

Dynamic discretized heap leach model enables the evaluation of scenario analyses varying leach rates and cycles, lift heights, and other variables.


Heap Leach Recovery Model

Determine the recovery sum of each block cell to assess performance throughout the heap leach pad.

A software algorithm identifies areas where it is most optimal to leach, based on metrics (such as solution-to-ore ratio) to maximize metal recovery and reduce solution waste. This information enables mine operators to make decisions regarding loading scenarios to improve leaching performance across the pad.

The complexity of these models used to require hours of computation in the past. Opencontour utilizes GPU technology (parallel computation) to reduce total computation time to minutes allowing users to calibrate or run many iterations on a plan.

The heap leach utility can also track and plan leaching operations over time. Users can enter primary and secondary leach cycle dates and durations into Opencontour to follow irrigation levels throughout the leach pad. This can be done by drawing polygons around the various irrigation areas in the model and applying the dates and levels of irrigation.


Adaptable solutions

Our Heap Leach Recovery Model allows metal extraction levels to be tracked throughout the HLP and optimized to maximize performance.

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With our Heap Leach Recovery Model Solution, you can easily do


Technical Analysis

Our Recovery Model Software Solution allows you to perform technical analysis based on your metallurgical, hydrological, solution chemistry and extraction kinetics data. Iterations fund the best scenario based on: Grade / Lithology Placement, P80 Size, Heap Stacking Height, Leach expansion – CAPEX, and ROM versus crush.


Operational Forecasting & Control

Hydraulic conductivity vs. application flow rate (crush size and Loading). Minimize hydraulic discontinuities (compaction, Segregation, Process Changes)


Optimize Value

Capture your metal recovery and inventory by maintaining a detailed metallurgical accounting

Key Features

Dynamic Discretized Heap Leach Model

Flexible Operational Tools.

Model parameters should be adjusted in response to project and KPI measurements, and the model should be adjusted to account for changed mine plans.

Solution Hydraulic Modeling

Minimize hydraulic discontinuities (compaction, Segregation, process change's).

Process Optimization

Hydraulic conductivity vs. application flow rate using crush size and loading as base.

Operational Parameters

Evaluate changes in operational parameters. Sequence impact of flow and overall production rate, and capture recovery and inventory.


Our goal is to shape the future of mining by creating innovative, flexible tools.

Our software simplifies the design, maintenance, and forecasting process by simplifying heap leach stacking, recovery, and solution modeling.


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  • How do I get started?
    Our team is here to help you. We consider each project and its needs when supporting our clients. Once we receive your initial request, we will schedule an initial call to identify which software solution is right for you and your team. Please send your questions to email:
  • Are there any considerations I should be aware of before opening an account with Opencontour?
    We recognize that not all mining projects are the same. Before signing up, our team will discuss data quality, team skillset, time frames, training and development, and metallurgical support.
  • What input/output data formats does Opencontour support?
    Opencontour supports DXF, CSV, and .json files.
  • How secure is my data on the Opencontour platform?
    Our SaaS Software was designed so that all data is stored locally on your browser software (Chrome, etc..). This means that only you own and control the data without security risk. Our servers do not store any of your data.
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