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Core Toolset


Mine Design Software


As former mine planners, we know the impact operational changes to mine plans can have on workflows and efficiencies. Being able to measure the cost-benefit of mine design options or system changes provides foresight into designs that maximize productivity throughout the mine site.

At the heart of Opencontour software is a CAD based program. The core software toolset includes:

CAD functionality

  • CAD feature drawing and editing

  • Project settings stored on web server

  • Drag and drop design files

  • Feature editing/saving, DXF/CSV input and output


Use mine site topography to build the base contour layer. Cutter or Filler layers are then constructed (pits, dumps or heap leach pads).  These layers are combined to create a result contour layer and a result cut/fill shape layer. ​​​

  • Design cutter or filler shapes/contours with mine topography

  • Apply geotech functionality (slope design) for multiple domains

  • Ramp building efficiency

  • Design open pit phases, dump designs and heap leach pad lifts

  • Mid-bench or Toe/Crest lines


  • Import large block model CSV files with or without filtering capabilities

  • Model label viewer

  • Custom legend for color code data viewing

  • Open pit or Heap leach pad model viewing

Geotech design

  • Geology domain tools define up to five domains with unique bench face angles (BFA) and inter-ramp angles (IRA)

  • Unique wall angle settings for each domain based on wall strike direction

  • Geotech parameters also apply to dump and heap leach lift design


  • Scripts are used to edit / add data to the mine plan at the block model level

  • Plans can be simple or complex based on the number of added properties

  • Scripts define financial analysis parameters

  • Scripts can be easily edited providing iterations on your mine plan

Final Contour mapping/3d visuals

  • Mine visualization created in 3D or 2D contour format

  • Efficient generation of period maps

  • Final topography after cutting/filling

  • Extensive set of 3D tools available for viewing geometry features in three dimensions


  • DXF export

  • CSV data export

  • Map export in scaled PDF format


Cutter and Filler Layers

Pit-design Import-block model-result-cut

Block Model


Interchangeable 2D & 3D Design

Opencontour software geotechnical design layout

Geotechnical Design

software model display ore grade open pi

Display of Grade with Pit Design