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Opencontour is an open pit mining software company which supports mining corporations in discovering the true value of their assets. We are former mining engineers who understand the challenges miners face everyday. Opencontour helps take the guesswork out of mine planning decisions.


We created Opencontour from our own personal experiences with mining software programs that didn't meet our expectations. Opencontour helps ease the burden of difficult mine planning decisions by measuring cost-benefit scenarios for alternate mine designs and schedules. 

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Opencontour consists of a Core Design program and tools for Open Pit Scheduling, Heap Leach Stacking, and Heap Leach Recovery optimization. 

Software capabilities

  • Iteration tools accelerate mine design and schedule plans

  • Compare current design plans to alternative options to measure financial impact

  • Mine schedule analysis by phase for pit and bench designs, truck fleet and load efficiency, stockpile logistics, haul routes, and dump locations 

  • Organizes heap leach stacking into discretized cells (blocks or panels) for metallurgical performance tracking and optimization refinement

  • Map and qualify dumping and heap leach pad arrangements to measure cost-benefits

  • Valuation tools include open pit equipment scheduling, metal extraction accountability and financial management.  

Why did we create Opencontour?

Founder - Opencontour, LLC
Russ Downer

Forte Group - Comprehensive Mining Services

Opencontour is the software division of the Forte Group, which includes Forte Dynamics (mine and heap leach systems optimization) and Forte Analytical (metallurgical research and testing laboratory). Together we offer our clients a diverse range of open pit and heap leach mining expertise. Each Forte division brings mining experience and expertise to support your operation, help solve problems, minimize operating costs, and generate maximum recoveries.    

  • Metallurgical and geotechnical testing

  • Heap leaching testing simulations

  • Water balancing

  • Mining systems optimization models (open pit, heap leach pad, and process plant) 

  • Mine planning (design and scheduling)

  • Heap leach pad stacking

  • Haulage simulation studies

  • Permitting support

  • Infrastructure design

  • NPV tracking and financial tools

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recent projects

Since the beginning of 2017, the software and consulting has been used on the following mines and projects:

  • Barrick Gold – Hemlo Mine – Phase 6 Openpit Feasibility

  • Stantec (Sub-contracter) – Ceour Mining, La Preciosa Mine – Openpit/Underground trade-off

  • Kinross – Round Mountain WEX extension review

  • Stantec (Sub-contracter) – Goldcorp Coffee Project – Openpit design

  • Stantec (Sub-contracter) – Leagold – Los Filos Openpit reserve work




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