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About us

Opencontour is an open pit mining software company that supports mining corporations in discovering the true value of their assets. We are mining engineers who understand the challenges miners face every day. Opencontour helps take the guesswork out of your planning decisions.


We created Opencontour from our own experiences with mining software programs that didn't meet our expectations. As a result, Opencontour helps ease the burden of difficult mine planning decisions by measuring cost-benefit scenarios for alternate mine designs and schedules. 

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Our Vision

 To create new opportunities in the mining industry by transforming current data and software tools to spur innovation.

Our Culture

 We believe in promoting growth, and continuous improvement. We empower our employees to create value for customers by having a purpose, thinking big, and listening to our customers.   We make change happen by promoting innovation while following established processes.

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Our Mining Specialist Partners

Opencontour offers a full suite of products and services for mining operations. As part of the Forte Group, we offer clients additional services to further optimize mine-to-heap systems.

The Forte Group - Forte Dynamics (mining and heap leach optimization) and Forte Analytical (metallurgical testing and research laboratory) - consists of skilled engineers, metallurgists, chemists, project managers, drafters, analysts, and mining professionals that offer unique insights that maximize NPV.

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Forte Dynamics provides dynamic systems optimization and mine engineering for heap leaching operations. Our unique approach integrates an array of site data from mine-to-heap to enhance and predict metal recovery. Our HLF model uses discretized cells to track metallurgical data, ore amounts and grades, HLP stacking configuration, pad geometry, kinetics, and hydrodynamics to create a matrix to evaluate and enhance mine NPV.

Forte's mine optimization model simulates solution movement and metal extraction as a function of time based on unsaturated solution flow properties, kinetics dissolution and diffusion rates, as well as leaching dynamics.


Data for ore crush size, compaction, bulk density, moisture content, solution movement, and leaching time is used to optimize recovery. Short term and long-term plans help bring ounces forward and enhance project NPV. 


A wholly owned subsidiary of Forte Dynamics, is a full-service metallurgical testing laboratory serving the precious and base metal mining industries.


The Forte Analytical team works hand-in-hand with clients to conduct due-diligence reviews of historical metallurgical testing to provide testing plans for current challenges or future needs. Forte Analytical targets testing procedures that focus on first-principal kinetics and diffusion.


Results can be used in conjunction with Forte Dynamics' optimization model to generate the highest project value.